How can Disable and Uninstall Android File Transfer from Mac

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Android File Transfer is a credit card application that facilitates others to transfer files, pictures, and videos involving the Mac computer and an Android phone. However, it isn‘t good to make use of for all of the users, and lots of the strategies need to uninstall Android File Transfer for it creating some problems upon the Mac, and in fact now, we‘ll discuss how you can remove this program and steer clear of the associated errors it makes upon the computer.

Android File Transfer is really a popular utility to the people that includes a Mac and also an Android phone by themselves, however it seems like not a cheerful experience for a few of them, to the application would encounter unknown errors when running upon the Mac, or many people are just looking to remove it for no got to apply it anymore.

If you need to keep the program in your computer, however, the current one cannot perform smoothly or successfully, you continue to got to uninstall Android File Transfer firstly, after which consider installing a brand-new one your Mac. During these situations, it is going to be very helpful that you can become familiar with a right method to remove Android File Transfer effectively.


What should we do to uninstall Android File Transfer from Mac

First way – manual method to remove Android File Transfer

Second way – uninstall Android File Transfer with Mac uninstaller


First way – manual method to remove Android File Transfer

Step 1: Stop the program

  • Right-click upon the program on Launchpad, click Quick to disable this program running on your computer

  • In case you suspect that it must be running in the background, please click Go, and Utility

  • Double-click to open Activity Monitor, and locate the Android File Transfer process upon the list

  • Click Quick Process icon in the top menu


Step 2: Remove Android File Transfer process upon the Mac

  • Click Go, and choose Applications
  • Locate Android File Transfer on possibilities, and click the remove button on the highest menu, or directly drag it towards the Trash to uninstall Android File Transfer

Step 3: Clean all of their associated files leaving upon the computer

  • Click Go, select to open Library folder

  • Or you are able to click Go Folder and type the specific location of Library inside the box

  • Open Preferences folder, and clean Android File Transfer associated preference files inside

  • To the library folder, click Application Support, delete Android File Transfer’s folder inside

  • Similarly, attend Caches folder upon the Library, possess a check and delete Android File Transfer’s files inside

In several cases, this program removal cannot clean the associated files like caches, preferences, and application support files inside the specific folders, so you need to check these folders one by one, and remove the related files and sub-folders inside to obtain the complete removal of Android File Transfer.


Second way – uninstall Android File Transfer with Mac uninstaller

Once the manual removal requires one to remove this program and every one of its components one by one in your Mac, taking knowledgeable uninstall tool can complete all of the removing jobs within a brief time since the removing process upon the uninstaller already enables you to clean them automatically.

Smart Uninstaller available inside the pro-Mac cleaner is an effective App remover which will be uninstalled all installed applications upon the computer, those stubborn and covert amounts of cash, preferences and application support files will all definitely be detected using the program, and to become removed well with no leftover.

  • Open MacKeeper, select Smart Uninstaller feature in Advanced Tools

  • Find Android File Transfer on possibilities of Applications, and choose it, all of their associated files (includes those Application Support files, Caches, Preferences etc ) will present on the ideal side

  • Ensure all the strategies are selected, after which click Remove button to start out the uninstallation

  • Till the removing process completed, you can uninstall Android File Transfer thoroughly

When the Android File Transfer is corrupted and can‘t be removed inside the regular way, don’t worry, you are able to make use of MacKeeper to clean it in your Mac, and moreover, the internet help service can perform an excellent job of resolving the complex trouble and issue for you personally, which either can enable you to uninstall Android File Transfer finally.


Additional tips – how you can disable Android File Transfer starts automatically on Mac

Many people complain that Android File Transfer always launches automatically upon the computer, so now I will be able to share a method to disable it coming from the automatic start-up items.

  • Stop this program running on your Mac (refer towards the above manual method )
  • Click the Apple logo in the highest left corner, select System Preferences
  • Click Account upon the System section, navigate to the Login Items / Startup Items tab
  • Select the checkbox of Android File Transfer, and click the “–” icon in the bottom
  • Exit the window, and restart your Mac

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