How can Uninstall Adobe Acrobat DC Under Mac OS X

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Removing Adobe Acrobat DC on Mac always encounter some problems or errors? What makes this application removal so difficult to become completed on the computer? Maybe you‘re still attempting to find a solution for that program removing the problem, and I‘m very delighted to talk about some advises and experiences to work it and uninstall Adobe Acrobat DC successfully.

Adobe Acrobat is definitely an app created by Adobe to permit people viewing, editing, creating and managing the PDF (Portable Document Format ) file, it features a specific version for Mac that individuals can opt to install beneath the OS X, there isn‘t any risky or stubborn component to the program, so it wouldn‘t cause any malicious issue upon the Mac. However, It‘s often an issue to uninstall Adobe Acrobat DC on Mac and other people have numerous questions on it. Here, I collect some common problems which some people encounter when the plan to remove the program.

Common problems of removing Adobe Acrobat DC on Mac
Uninstallation always stops halfway or perhaps doesn‘t work on the same beginning
Cannot discover the Adobe Acrobat DC uninstaller as many people suggested
Don’t have the ability to uninstall Adobe Acrobat DC except removing it towards the Trash
An accident issue occurs when attempt to go through PDF file with Adobe Reader plugin in Safari
Can there be in whatever way can avoid or determine these problems to the user, and likewise uninstall Adobe Acrobat DC well? In case you haven’t tried the listed ways before, maybe there is an effective way will help you remove this application among them.

Uninstall Adobe Acrobat DC on Mac with one of these methods

Manual option: remove it by manually in your Mac
Manually trashing the software is the most typical way on Mac to uninstall an unwanted application, but here I won‘t only to introduce this general method to teach you the way can manually remove Adobe Acrobat DC, along with this standard removal to the program, you want to do more manual removing jobs to finish this program uninstallation. So, listed below are the foremost detailed steps about how you can manually uninstall the program completely upon the Mac.

Step 1: click Continue the highest menu, select Applications

Find Adobe Acrobat DC inside the folder, and drag it towards the Trash

Step 2: If you happen to find this program still display in your Launchpad, you are able to take this method to delete it – only for Mac App Store apps. (if there is no need this issue, please go towards the 3 step)

Open Launchpad, hold through Option key, probably the icons will start jiggling
Click the “X” at the highest left corner of the application’s icon

Step 3: delete its associated files leaving in your Mac
Whenever you drag a credit card application towards the Trash, its preferences, caches, LaunchAgents, and logs still remain in your hard disk, you ought to delete all of those items to obtain an entire removal.
a. Click Go again, and choose Library, in case you can’t see it on the sub-menu, please click Attend folder…

b. Go into the specified directory from the Library folder: ~ / Library /

c. Click Application Support folder, delete Adobe Acrobat DC associated files inside

d. To the Library folder, and click Caches, delete all of the related caches

e. Click to open Preferences on Library either, and remove those preferences of Adobe Acrobat DC

f. Continue, and open LaunchAgents inside the Library, opt to delete the Adobe Acrobat DC file inside.

If it comes with an uninstaller in Adobe Acrobat DC
There‘s another case the program itself contains an uninstaller on its installed package, and you may make use of them to remove Adobe Acrobat DC in your Mac.

Click to open the Adobe Acrobat DC’s installed package again on the computer
Opt to activate Adobe Acrobat DC uninstalling process
Uninstall Adobe Acrobat DC on your Mac using the removal wizard
Restart the computer following the removal
Similarly, check all of the folders inside the library once we mentioned above, and clean its vestiges thoroughly
As possible see that regardless of you finally choose to uninstall Adobe Acrobat DC with Trash or its own uninstaller, checking and deleting leftovers is definitely an indispensable step after the conventional removal, some people think that it Isn‘t a very good resolution to eliminate this program on the computers, because They Might need to do lots of works to finish it. During this situation, you‘ll need an additional effective method to remove this program instead.

More effective option: uninstall Adobe Acrobat DC having a reliable uninstaller
Applying a very good uninstaller to exchange you to bring during the program removal in your Mac, you can obtain the complete removal very quickly, and much more significantly, the professional removal tool will enable you to totally the target app upon the Mac with no further issue.

Smart Uninstaller in MacKeeper just provides such a classy removing feature that you can uninstall Adobe Acrobat DC well.

Open MacKeeper – Open it upon the Launchpad/double-click it upon the Applications folder
Navigate to the uninstaller’s interface – click Smart Uninstaller upon the ADVANCED TOOLS section
Select target program – click Scan button, after which select Adobe Acrobat DC

Remove Adobe Acrobat DC – after selecting the applying, its associated files and data will certainly be found and revealed on possibilities, and you only got to click Remove icon and choose to Remove All, this program will certainly be totally uninstalled in your Mac

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