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Struggling to get rid of unwanted Mac software? Here s how to remove, delete or uninstall Mac apps and programs..At this point, OS X will move the app to the Trash, but if you change your mind, you can simply drag the app back to the Applications folder. To delete the app forever, click and hold the Trash icon in the Dock, then select Empty Trash, and confirm you want to empty the trash if prompted..Hide or Remove Icons from Mac OS X Desktop. Step . You will notice that many icons from your desktop are now gone hidden . Method . Step . Start Applications and then select Utilities. Step . Click on “Terminal.” Step . In that screen type the command defaults write “ CreateDesktop bool fals”..Navigate to the Finder of Mac OS if you have not done so already, then do the following Click on the “Finder” menu and select “Preferences” Click on the “General” tab. Uncheck boxes next to hard disks, drives, ipods, etc to toggle those icons off or on on the Mac desktop..Your Apple iMac comes with a variety of tools, features and apps that make it faster and easier to manage your business. By visiting the Mac App Store, you can download even more productivity boosting applications. Deleting an unwanted app from Launchpad or dragging it into the trash can removes most of the app s .If you want to add a file or folder to the Dock, just drag its icon from any Finder window or the desktop and drop it on the Dock. To remove an item from the Dock, drag its icon an inch or more off the Dock and wait a couple seconds. Then release the icon and it disappears in a poof of smoke..With most apps you can simply drag the app to the trash and empty the trash. Might be best to open Finder, Applications and drag the app from there to the trash. Some apps, though, have to be uninstalled in those cases open the app, click its name on the menu bar and see if it has an unistall option in .Like most of applications on a Mac, Parallels Desktop does not require uninstallation simply move the application to Trash. Note Your virtual machines will not be affected by this procedure only the Parallels Desktop application will be uninstalled. If you want to remove a virtual machine, please see KB . Shut down .I m a new Mac user and I recently starting having a problem I can t figure out how to resolve. Suddenly large icons have started showing up on my desktop of applications I already have on the machine. For example, I use Firefox and the icon is down at the bottom of the screen, as it should be. However .. Uninstalling the Filr Desktop Application. Before you uninstall the Filr desktop application, close all the open Filr files and applications. Uninstalling the Filr desktop application Removes all Filr application files and configuration data. As part of the uninstall, previously downloaded and synchronized files and folders are .

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