How to Uninstall Kodi on Mac and Clean Its Add-ons and Caches

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How to uninstall Kodi on Mac effectively? How can fully clean its add-ons and caches? This post is to the people that acquire problems of removing this application on the Mac computers, so, bear up, you can remove Kodi using this post.

About Kodi for Mac
Kodi (was referred to as XBMC ), is definitely an open-source (GPL ) software media player and entertainment hub for Mac OS X, it enables the user to play and view videos, music, along with other digital media files, people can manage all of the multimedia from its interface. It‘s a popular MP3 & Audio application that widely installed by most peoples, therefore the reasons for the problematic program removal are various because of a variety of situations for differing people.

What exactly are general and biggest problem with the software
When you discover the Kodi program can‘t be removed effectively on your Mac, what can you give it some thought? For me, you ought to first understand what’s the matter that causes the unsuccessful removal in your Mac? Thus, you can find the right resolution and that is corresponding to the removing issue, and uninstall Kodi well upon the PC.

Generally, these troubles are the most typical causes of the problematic removal : Kodi got corrupted, virus infection issue, and associated add-ons and traces aren‘t fully removed upon the Mac, among which the remnant add-ons and traces leaving upon the computer is the most important cause to lead you not able to uninstall Kodi, so we want to share two removal ways, which pay more focus on this sort of file removal throughout the uninstallation, and enable you to remove Kodi smoothly.

Attempt to uninstall Kodi on your Mac in these ways

1. Take manual actions to remove Kodi
Mac OS X supports the user to remove file an application on their own, but it will require some effort and time to conduct the manual removal, so you ought to get ready for that and perform the listed steps carefully inside an orderly manner.

Locate the Kodi icon, and drag it directly towards the Trash
In case you unable to do this, please attend Finder – select Application – click Kodi – remove it towards the trash via by using the menu at the highest )

Preference files

1. Click Finder
2. Go
3. Library

In case you the Library file doesn‘t reveal on possibilities, please click Attend folder…, and go to the following directory to open it: ~ /Library/

Click to open the Preferences

Delete those files belonging to Kodi along with the publisher

Open Caches folder on Library either, and remove those Kodi associated files

Support files

Always stay in Library folder, locate and open Application Support folder, and delete all files associated with Kodi

Finally, please remember to empty the Trash to thoroughly remove them in your computer

Support files, Preference files, and caches will be the data maintained together with other files inside the program’s package, in an effort to fully remove Kodi upon the Mac, along with achieving a tidy and healthy OS X environment, you ought to understand these associated files and clean them completely in your computer.

2. Apply advanced utility to assist you to uninstall Kodi
Can rival the standard manual removal, this really is more intelligent and simpler to eliminate this program, especially When you’re worried about being troubled from the invalid or incomplete removal inside the manual removal, in this manner, you can remove Kodi quickly and effectively.

• Click Launchpad icon, and click to open MacKeeper on the Mac
• Expand the menu of ADVANCED TOOLS, Select Smart Uninstaller
• Select Scan in the bottom to let the MacKeeper examine all of the installed applications in your Mac
• Select the checkbox beside Kodi, and every one of the related files and folders will certainly be displayed on the ideal side

Click Remove button, and choose to Remove All upon the new window to completely uninstall Kodi

Exit the MacKeeper, pack up your Mac and begin again

Which solution is better?
Dragging the item towards the Trash after which choosing to empty it‘s the fastest way in Mac OS X to remove a file or application, however, it isn‘t the complete method to eliminate a program upon the computer, therefore the manual removing steps are extremely necessary, however, It‘s often a really time-consuming and troublesome issue to the common user.

Therefore here, I want to recommend one to choose a very good uninstall utility like MacKeeper to assist you to uninstall Kodi from the Mac, this really is currently the simplest way to remove application quickly and avoid any leftover issue upon the computer.

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