> How to Uninstall OsiriX without Additional Issues on Mac

How to Uninstall OsiriX without Additional Issues on Mac

Published on October 20, 2016

Is it a problem for you to uninstall OsiriX on your Mac? The application removal sometimes may be more complex then you think to accomplish, especially when you are in the Mackintosh system environment, which you are not so familiar as the Windows OS. So, today, I will show you the proper way to delete this app on the Mac.

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Application OsiriX is the one that widely used by the doctor or the people who studying in medicine, it is an image processing software that can display data obtained from medical equipment such as PET, CT, and MRI, and also receive those images transferred by DICOM communication protocol from from any PACS or medical imaging format, all of which make this program to be an important and useful tool for many of related medical staff.

When they get some problems with this app and need to remove OsiriX , it will become a very difficult technology issue to complete the removal for these medical experts. So, if you want to uninstall OsiriX on your PC and also want to re-use the app in the future, you should know how can remove it for good on the Mac in currently.

Warm tips: if you are not clear about how to remove OsiriX, please do not conduct the app uninstall on your computer in a hurry, because it will easily cause a series of removing problems on your Mac, and resulted in an unsuccessful and incomplete program removal.

Take proper steps to uninstall OsiriX under OS X

Step 1, stop the app running on the computer

  • Right-click on OsiriX on the Dock if you can find it
  • Select Quit to exit the program

Step 2, if it is frozen, try the force quit here

  • Click on the Apple menu, and choose Force Quit; or you can click CommandOptionEsc keys to open it


  • Select the unresponsive OsiriX app in the window, and click on Force Quit icon

Step 3, remove OsiriX application

There are two removing ways that available for getting rid of the application on the computer, but the specific steps are totally different for these two ways of removal.

Option one: remove it manually by yourself

The Mac OS allow the people to remove unwanted app via its contained removing features, but please mind that it is only able to remove the installed package, that’s to say, other associated files which do not store in the package cannot be cleaned out with the app, so it is not a complete removal of OsiriX when you take this way to delete it, there are still some additional removing steps you should take after the first stage of removal.

  • Click on Go on the top menu, select Applications
  • Find OsiriX in the folder, and drag it to the Trash
  • Right-click on the Trash icon, choose Empty Trash

Options two: apply automatic removal tool to uninstall it

Different from the manual removal, a professional Mac uninstall tool can be a good alternative to uninstall OsiriX, it can replace the user to complete those troublesome and annoying manual removal, and also guarantee a 100% removal for the removing application.

MacKeeper provides the professional app removing service that enable the user to scan and remove the installed program thoroughly in an automatic way.

  • Open MacKeeper – Open it on the Launchpad/double-click it on the Applications folder
  • Go to the uninstaller’s interface – click Smart Uninstaller on the ADVANCED TOOLS section
  • Select target program – click on Scan button,and then select OsiriX


  • Remove OsiriX – after selecting the application, its associated files and data will be found and revealed on the list, and you just need to click on Remove icon > Remove All, the program will be totally uninstalled on your Mac



Step 4, additionally clean its vestiges if you remove the app manually

If you just took the manual way to delete the OsiriX installed package on the Mac computer, the next step must to check the disk and clean out all of files and data belonging to the OsiriX, and here are some suggestions and instructions and help you to find out those remnant files on your Mac.

Preference files

  • Click on Finder > Go > Library
  • If you the Library file does not reveal on the list, please click on Go to Folder…, and enter the following directory to open it: ~/Library/


  • Click to open the Preferences


  • Delete those files belonging to OsiriX as well as the publisher


  • Open Caches folder on Library either, and remove those OsiriX associated files


Support files

  • Continue to stay on Library folder, locate and open Application Support folder, and delete all of files related to OsiriX

Application Support

Support files, Preference files and caches are the data created during installing or using the program on the Mac. Do not completely removing these files means that you may see the application again next time. So, just remember to perform the vestiges even though you had successfully uninstalled OsiriX’s package.


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