Uninstall OneDrive and Its Leftovers Completely on Mac

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OneDrive is regarded like a free online storage that enables others to store their personal files online when you install it and produce a OneDrive folder in your Mac, all of the stuff you put inside the folder could be accessed anywhere to the OneDrive. com also keep these contents in sync. Recently, there are a lot of people encountering some problems when by applying this application on the computer and got to reinstall it, but how you can uninstall OneDrive firstly will be a common problem to the confident people.

“OneDrive can’t start. There’s an issue using the application files. Please download the applying for this computer and check out again”.
“can’t sync files amongst your computer and OneDrive”
“a file or folder can’t be downloaded because the trail is just too long”

Are you currently also encountering the similar issue with OneDrive on your Mac? To resolve these issues on, you should uninstall OneDrive and reinstall it, thus all the previous settings which retain the error will certainly be removed and replaced from the brand-new one, and you‘ll always benefit from the application again in your computer.

In an effort to be certain the program could be reinstalled smoothly in your Mac, please do not forget that the current OneDrive program ought to be removed thoroughly, and please follow the steps below to uninstall OverDrive for Mac.


Totally uninstall OneDrive from Mac (manual or automated)

Remove OneDrive in classic and manual way
Dragging the file or application towards the Trash, this is actually the removing feature available on Mac OS X, and other people could use to remove an item from the computer, however it often cannot assist you totally remove its associated files on Mac, many preferences and support files aren‘t included and exhausted simultaneously using the program, so you‘ll need to remove them after uninstalling OneDrive.

Part one: OneDrive program removal

Right-click upon the program on Launchpad, click Quick to disable the program
If it‘s probably running in the background, please click Go — Utility — double click to open Activity Monitor

Locate the OneDrive process on possibilities, click Quick Process icon on the top menu
Click Go, and choose Applications

Locate OneDrive on possibilities, and click the remove button on the highest menu, or directly drag it towards the Trash to uninstall OneDrive


Part two: leftovers removal

Click Go, select to open Library folder

Click Attend folder and type-specific location of them inside the box, the common location is: ~ / Library /, if you re able to see it on possibilities, please just click to open it directly

Open Preferences folder, and clean OneDrive associated files inside

Attend Application Support folder upon the Library, delete OneDrive’s files, generally using the program’s name

Similarly, attend Caches folder upon the Library, possess a check and delete OneDrive’s files inside

Uninstall OneDrive with reliable third-party uninstaller
If you would like the OneDrive and every one of its files could be removed effectively, taking knowledgeable uninstall tool will certainly be the quickest way since the automatic removal inside will help you remove them completely using the program.

Please be aware that there aren‘t all of the uninstall tool can fulfill the advantages of removing this program completely, and you also will also have to do an additional manual removal for the vestiges following the removal.

So, it is necessary for selecting a reliable uninstaller from those Mac uninstallers available on the web to uninstall OneDrive, and MacKeeper is a good one for you personally that proficient at detecting and removing all associated components with OneDrive upon the Mac, and much more details about removing OneDrive with MacKeeper are listed below :

Open MacKeeper, select Smart Uninstaller feature in Advanced Tools

Find OneDrive on possibilities of Applications, and choose it, all of their associated files (includes those Application Support files, Caches, Preferences etc ) will present on the ideal side

Ensure all the strategies are selected, after which click Remove button to start out the uninstallation

Till the removing process completed, you can uninstall OneDrive thoroughly
After taking the above-mentioned steps, OneDrive will certainly be removed completely and permanently, and you may opt to install a new OneDrive again on your Mac.

Another method to remove it?
If you only purchased and installed OneDrive from App Store, you are able to opt to remove it with the launchpad (available for all programs installed from App Store ), however it may also be resulted in an incomplete removal like the above classic removal, and need to take additional steps to clean its leftovers in your Mac.

Steps to uninstall OneDrive from launchpad:

Open launchpad upon the DOCK

Hold the Option key, and discover the OneDrive upon the interface, and click the X icon
Perform leftovers removing steps like the manual method above
Feel very annoying and hate doing the manual removing jobs? Get MacKeeper and utilize to uninstall OneDrive for the try.

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