Uninstall OpenOffice Effectively to Get A Complete Removal on Mac

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Are you currently unhappy using the OpenOffice program on Mac? Do you wish to uninstall OpenOffice but do not have a very good idea to eliminate it? Get this program removal support here to delete this application effectively in your computer.

What’s OpenOffice?
Apache OpenOffice is really a free and open source office suite that enables the Mac users to make use of the desktop applications like drawing program, word, and spreadsheet, many people may make use of this application rather than the Microsoft Office on the Mac computers. However, in some instances, It‘ll cause some operating problems and cause it to be can‘t be used smoothly upon the computer, or frequently encounters an unexpected pack up or freeze-up during using it.

How can you perform an efficient removal to the application?
Regardless of you‘d need to uninstall OpenOffice to the above reasons, or you only don’t want to make use of it anymore, all individuals guys will face one common issue: how can remove this program well upon the Mac?

As OpenOffice is really a common third-party program that installed upon the Mac, some people think that it could be removed like other installed programs upon the computer, but the head usually is: the removing program can‘t be performed smoothly, and other people tend to have resulted inside an unsuccessful removal. Specifically, people could get these removing problems on the computers :

Program can‘t be moved towards the Trash, and also the computer often alerts the program or its associated items remain in use
Preference files along with other associated files still exist upon the PC after removing the program
Nothing happens when attempt to uninstall OpenOffice on the Mac
So, what’s the right method to uninstall OpenOffice once and for all? You ought to update your understanding and experiences relating to this program removal and obtain the listed support to remove it again on your computer.

Take an efficient method to uninstall OpenOffice on Mac

Firstly, remove with reliable and pro uninstaller
Taking a particular uninstall tool to manage this program removal will ensure you get the complete removal inside a very short time, and also the removing process will certainly be totally taken from the advanced utility, and you may achieve an entire uninstall with ease.

Like a well-known maintenance tool for Mac, MacKeeper contains a strong uninstall feature that enables the user to uninstall OpenOffice along with other applications easily and thoroughly upon the Mac OS X.

Detailed steps to remove OpenOffice with MacKeeper :

  • Open Mackeeper in your Mac, click ADVANCED TOOLS in case you cannot discover the uninstall utility upon the left pane
  • Click Smart Uninstaller on possibilities, and you‘ll see all of the application installed on your Mac when the programs don‘t reveal completely, please click Scan button to refresh possibilities.
  • Select OpenOffice upon the box, ensure you select all associated components it present to you
    remove OpenOffice with MacKeeper

  • Click the Remove button at the bottom to uninstall OpenOffice
  • Click Remove All to finish remove the program
  • Done! This program is removed completely in your Mac

See? The OpenOffice program could be removed quickly coming from the removing panel on MacKeeper, after then, you are able to opt to restart your Mac OS X to refresh the internal system and say goodbye towards the program in your computer.

If you‘re still not sure this is the greatest way that you can eliminate the applying, you may also refer towards the following manual removal guides from the program.

Secondly, perform manual removal on PC to uninstall OpenOffice
OpenOffice could be far away from Mac via disassembling the manual removal upon the computer, but different coming from the above-removing steps, you ought to complete the listed removal by yourself, and please also remember that don‘t delete the incorrect file or perform the incorrect removing step.

  • Right-click upon the OpenOffice’s icon upon the Dock, and choose Quit
  • Click Continue the Finder menu, and choose Applications
  • Locate OpenOffice on possibilities, and click the remove button on the highest menu, or directly drag it towards the Trash to uninstall OpenOffice

This is actually the most typical removing method upon the Mac OS X, though it‘s not the complete removing sets to the program, besides to remove the installed package from the program in this manner, you ought to check the user’s Library folder, and clean every file and trace belonging to OpenOffice.

  • Click Go, select to open Library folder
    Click Attend folder…, and type the location from the account’s Library folder: ~ / Library /

  • Hit Return secret for open the folder, after which double-click on Application Support

  • Delete OpenOffice’s associated folder inside, and to the Library
  • Next, open Caches folder, and clean OpenOffice’s preference files inside
  • Last although not lease, click Preferences folder inside the Library, and delete all of the associated preference files.

If you need to completely uninstall OpenOffice, please remember that these related files inside the Library folder ought to be totally cleaned up. Otherwise, you‘ll the further issue sooner or later.


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