> Uninstall Transmission Tips for Mac to Help You Remove It

Uninstall Transmission Tips for Mac to Help You Remove It

Published on October 31, 2016

Transmission for Mac is a popular BitTorrent client that used by many people on the computer, uninstall Transmission tips here would be the thing that many users ask for online. If you are a Transmission user but want to remove it now, just follow the tips below and delete the app with in a proper way.

remove Transmission for Mac


Created as torrent client, Transmission is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL), which parts under the MIT License. With a variety of user interfaces and intuitive features, Transmission is welcomed by many Mac users, so the problems with this app on Mac are also the common issues that many people would like to figure out, and among which, uninstall Transmission is the big one that confuses many users. If you have the need to remove this application on your computer but don’t know how to do, the how-to guides here will be a good reference for you.

Option 1 – Remove Transmission with manual method

OS X built-in removing feature is the traditional and also the manual way to get rid of installed apps (except the Mac’s own apps), it provides a very simple way to remove an unneeded program on the Mac, but unfortunately, it is not a complete way to delete Transmission on the computer. So, please pay attention to the proper program removal steps if you take the manual way to remove it.

Step 1: Stop the running of Transmission on your Mac

  • Right-click on the program on Dock, click on Quick to disable the program

quit Transmission

  • If it is probably running at the background, please click on Go >>> Utility >>> double click to open Activity Monitor
  • Locate the Transmission process on the list, click on Quick Process icon on the head menu

Step 2: Remove Transmission process

  • Click on Go, and choose Applications

app on Mac

  • Locate Transmission on the list, and click on the remove button on the top menu, or directly drag it to the Trash to uninstall Transmission

Big shortcomings about the traditional removal

Generally speaking, especially for the Mac, the above two steps just can help the user to remove the program well on the computer, but it is obviously not the end of the complete removal, this is because trashing the app on Mac only works for deleting the app’s installed folder, but besides that, there are still a lot of files associated with Transmission staying at different directories and folders in the hard disk, the complete removal cannot be reached until you find out all of these components and clean them out. That’s to say, leaving file issue will be the big problem you should figure out after manually removing Transmission.

So, you should learn a way to clean out its vestiges on your PC

Preference files

  • Click on Finder > Go > Library
  • If you the Library file does not reveal on the list, please click on Go to Folder…, and enter the following directory to open it: ~/Library/


  • Click to open the Preferences


  • Delete those files belonging to Transmission as well as the publisher


  • Open Caches folder on Library either, and remove those Transmission associated files


Support files

  • Continue to stay on Library folder, locate and open Application Support folder, and delete all of files related to Transmission

Application Support

  • Right-click on the Trash, and select Empty Trash


Option 2 – Uninstall it with a reliable app removing utility

In order to save the time and effort people usually need to take on the manual app removal, there are now many automatic removal tools that available online, through which people can remove a program more easily, and it is also an effective way to avoid many problems easily triggered by the manual removal error.

Mackeeper is a multi-functioned utility for Mac that provides a series of useful optimized tool for Mac, it can help people to resolve a particular issue for OS X with easy and automatic steps, and you can make use of its removing feature to remove Transmission quickly on your computer.

Effective way to uninstall Transmission for Mac

  • Open Mackeeper on your Mac, click on ADVANCED TOOLS if you cannot find the uninstall utility on the left pane
  • Click on Smart Uninstaller on the list, and you will see all the application installed on your Mac, if the programs do not reveal completely, please click on the scan¬†button to refresh the list.


  • Select Transmission on the box, make sure you select all of associated components it present to you

uninstall Transmission with uninstaller

  • Click on the Remove button at the bottom, and click Remove All to uninstall Transmission for sure

remove all Transmission

  • Done! The program has been removed completely on your Mac

When taking an uninstall tool to perform the app removal on Mac, you will find that no more preferences, caches and other leftovers to be found on the computer after the uninstallation, and you can totally skip the annoying manual removing steps but also uninstall Transmission thoroughly.



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